Heal Thy Nation - A U.S. Senate Nominee prayer for America

Steve Carlson, Tea Party candidate for U.S. Senate has won the primary of the Independence Party and faces Al Franken and Mike McFadden on the November 4 ballot. This is a vision of America and what is needed to heal.

Obama party seeks political coup to overthrow 1st Amendment Free and Fair Elections

Our government is based on free and fair elections under the 1st Amendment. Now Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar and Barack Obama want to overthrow the elected government by getting rid of the 1st Amendment! They want to control elections! This movie gives some background on how Democrats play with the 1st Amendment and try to stop candidates from running.

U.S. Senate Nominee in Green Line accident, sees safety problems from the inside

Steve Carlson, Tea Party candidate for the U.S. Senate against Al Franken, has criticized Franken as "Mr. 60th Vote" for the stimulus package which included this sprawling and unrestrained Green Line light-rail (a.k.a. Central Corridor). On September 8, in front of Coffman Union, University of Minnesota, being a passenger with a KFAI reporter and many others, I experienced the danger of an ill-planned light-rail system as I was trapped inside a dangerous car for about 45 minutes.

Steve Carlson education motivation teacher

Bermuda triangle - How economics debate, loads of cash, disappeared somewhere near Bermuda Islands

U.S. Senate Nominee Independence from Minnesota responds to attack ad from Al Franken, from Minneapolis Public Library. Steve Carlson shows how HE can create millions of jobs across America and tens of thousands across Minnesota, while the political giants squabble.

Michele MacDonald--an AMAZING woman and next Minnesota SC Justice

Michele MacDonald, whom I endorsed as Minnesota Supreme Court Justice to replace Al Franken's pal David Lillehaug, is AMAZING. All Tea Party people nationwide need to listen to this woman, and I hope you will support and vote for her to topple Al Franken and his buddy David Lillehaug.

The Threat of Minnesota Parties - and the hope of independents

Labor Day marks the heat of the U.S. Senate Race in Minnesota - a Wrap-Up

Tea Party candidate Steve Carlson has been nominated for the U.S. Senate on the November 4 ballot. Steve worked the Minnesota State Fair, and used this critical time to listen to the voice of the Minnesota people and chart a course for bringing to Washington a champion for the people. Steve focuses on four issues: Free and fair elections, jobs, taxes and health care.

Looking for Al - Tea Party Senate candidate seeks debate relationship with Al Franken

This important video actually sets the agenda for the Minnesota Senate Debate: Taxes, job creation, usury and consumer debt, education, immigration, health care, human rights, democracy and free and fair elections, Minnesota gray wolf, endangered species, BWCA, Polytek, Sulfide mining. And much, much more. Can't wait to debate!

What is the meaning of the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases?

People like @Eugene_Robinson of the Washington Post are making this out to be directly about the police conduct. I don't see any police conduct issue here. So Obama gets in office and his surrogates like Al Sharpton want to address police-community relations. And this is good, we definitely need to address that. However, when they scan the country for examples, they come up with these kinds of cases, get the White House involved in them, and it turns out not to be helpful.

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