NEXT UP: Steve Carlson demands Mark Ritchie give him the voter registration e-mail addresses--a Const. right.

This is a passage from my federal and state elections constitutional lawsuit which still VERY MUCH alive, and now VERY MUCH relevant and timely for the GENERAL ELECTION I will be in on November 4, 2014.

How Congress restoring the usury laws to the states will create jobs

Why Al Franken's "job skills" program won't work: Research shows that when wages rise, the skills gap shrinks or disappears altogether, which would show it is more apparent than real.This Fiscal Times article cites Peter Cappelli, author of Why Good People Can't Find Jobs, who really did a lot of valuable work. I'm not saying I totally agree--after all employers do need to create jobs and they do need to find people with certain skill sets.

Rigged - Steve Carlson takes apart Al Franken's dubious 2014 TV ad

AUGUST 12 is INDEPENDENCE DAY in Minnesota! U.S. Senate primary to preserve Independence Party for 2014, future elections


First, the policy that is not being enforced. Pardon my music, but it carries a powerful message

Second, here is a plain discussion of how the Wilberforce law is supposed to be implemented to protect these children and fight exploitation, if you want a clear explanation of why they New York Times and Brit Hume are wrong in their understanding of this law.

Your Day in Court - A Poem by Steve Carlson 2014

A cause I brought, to court I thought for justice;
But ne'er did I forsee the plot ahead.
A judge! I thought what wisdom was forthcoming.
But shocked, I took a look at what she said.

Lady Justice, so they say, is blind and balanced.
But this one tipped a bit too much one way.
A case submitted but not the one I knew;
An answer, blind and dark to end the day.

Your day is done, it said, and left the rest out.
Now run along and don't come back again.

I have filed for the U.S. Senate against Al Franken, and will be in a statewide Independence Party primary

I have filed to run against Al Franken, I am running to be U.S. Senator. I believe that Al does not have a safe seat like, unfortunately for Minnesota, Betty McCollum and Keith Ellison do. I believe the DFL has the elections rigged through quotas based on race, on gender (the largest "group", men are not listed as a group), and other characteristics that should be irrelevant to free and fair elections, and that the State of Minnesota is in SERIOUS violation of the U.S. Constitution by forcing voters to adhere to these "principles" of sexism, racism and other group identity conflicts.

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