Steve Carlson: U.S. Senate Nominee explains why he's suing to enter debates

Some of Steve Carlson's views may be controversial, but that's because media distortion and the attempts by parties, including notally the Democrat-Republican duopoly, their feeling of entitlement to power--these things block and distort free and fair discussion. Steve explains why the Constitution, securing individual rights and freedom of political expression is the best way to make American work again. Take back America on November 4, America's Independence Day!

Steve Carlson sues to open Senate debates with Al Franken in FCC

Steve Carlson, Independence Party Nominee for U.S. Senate against Al Franken and Mike McFadden, examines the actual legal requirements of the Equal Time requirement which is NOT enforced in Minnesota to be sure. How his lawsuit will clarify the requirements of including the Independence Party, Minnesota's 3rd Major Party.

Getting Minnesota back on the right road: Shifting statewide transportation back to the States

Steve Carlson, U.S. Senate Nominee of the Minnesota Independence Party shows the way to solve the funding program for Minnesota roads and bridges, and at the same time put the nation back on the right road.

Steve Carlson criticizes DFL Minnesota Ebola plan as fatally flawed

Today, October 13, Al Franken and Mark Dayton wrote to Dr. Thomas Frieden, CDC Director asking for MSP screening for West African passengers. U.S. Senate Nominee Steve Carlson strongly opposes this and urgently calls for new procedures and an effective international expedition against Ebola in Africa over there, without transit from Minnesota and back of well-meaning individuals outside that framework.

Steve Carlson: Who gave Barack Obama authority to divert boots on the ground for Ebola? Al Franken?

Congress did not do anything to approve U.S. troops to be diverted to Monrovia, Liberia, where they are at risk for contracting Ebola, which could spread through our military. Now one U.S. soldier on the ground speaks out.

Duluth Debate - Sen. Franken tries to explain what he can do to help northern MN economy

Neither Franken's nor McFadden's attempts to explain how to revive northern Minnesota's flagging economy were successful. But in my opinion, Al outdid his old SNL routines, and raises questions about whether he is serious and not still spoofing political leaders. Back to the drawing board.

Minnesota Independence Party candidates discuss it's destiny and its purpose with Strib

The StarTribune's Lori Sturdevant has long talked about the Independence Party, one of the most interesting features of Minnesota politics, in her politics columnist beat. She called this meeting of the 2014 candidates, in a year of controversy and turmoil, to ask: "Why would anyone want to vote for the Independence Party?" This is what we told her.

Steve Carlson draws differences with Al Franken in StarTribune interview

Independence Party candidates met for the first time to discuss the Party's upcoming campaign in all state wide offices and federal offices. Steve faults Senator Franken on attacks on free and fair elections, ObamaCare admitted flaws, and failure to amend the National Bank Act, which would create millions of new jobs--and sets out radical centrist views on the economy, drug laws and marriage rights.

Steve Carlson comments on Sen. Franken's posture on ObamaCare

Carlson visited Rochester, MN and submitted this recording of the Duluth Senate Debate on ObamaCare. Medical excellence and community organization to fight breast cancer represent two alternatives to ObamaCare.

Steve Carlson KSTP Public Service Announcement - Expanded

Expanded version of 2-minute PSA taped tonight at KSTP-TV, one of Minnesota news leaders in the Senate campaign. Question: Paul Wellstone said "Politics is about improving people's lives." It this REALLY what Al Franken and the DFL are doing in Washington and Minnesota?

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