St.Paul is a beautiful city - It's not too late to keep it that way - Dump Central Corridor November 6, 2012!

Your Tax Dollars at Work Destroying Once-Beautiful Section of St. Paul and Minnesota's Capitol Heights, Courtesy of Democrats BETTY MCCOLLUM, AMY KLOBUCHAR and BARACK OBAMA (and KEITH ELLISON Strongly Supports This) -- LET'S REPEAL THIS ON NOVEMBER 6 and RESTORE ST. PAUL! VOTE STEVE CARLSON for CONGRESS and sweep out the Democrats. MINNESOTA! WE can do better!
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WAKE UP 2012!
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Preserve the beauty of St. Paul, stop Central Corridor November 6, VOTE Independence Party Nominee STEVE CARLSON for U.S. House of Representatives 2012.

August 21, 2012 - St. Paul is a truly beautiful city. St. Paul is OUR city, not Barack Obama's or Chicago's or Betty McCollum's. When John McCain and Sarah Palin came here to get nominated by the Republicans, many called St. Paul one of the most beautiful cities in America!

That was then. This is now. St. Paul's beauty is threatened by a HUGE, UNWANTED, and inappropriate light rail system which is destroying homes, communities and private businesses stretching from St. Paul to Minneapolis. It was not worth the billion dollars taxpayers have begun to pay for it (not counting interest).

Betty did WHAT?!

Betty, are you NUTS?!

There's still time to save the St. Paul downtown and University Ave. We should not take the city's beauty for granted.

St. Paul birdbath in summer


Still life at Como Zoo

My Statement of Expectation for Romney-Ryan in 2012

The value of this Ryan pick, in addition to putting a team together that will take Washington in the right direction, is that Romney can lead Ryan and get Congress to be more effective. We have to get started NOW, not after the election, looking at this fiscal cliff, and looking at fiscal policy, and LEADERSHIP, to pull back from a second recession. We have to get it done, now, because Obama's team is failing and drifting aimlessly.

Why Tea Party principles are vital to save America's future

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November 5, 2012 - The DCCC, a Democrat outfit, just claimed the Tea Party is dead! Obviously not.

Let's pass a "Take America Forward Act" as H.R. 1 in 2013!!

We need some fireworks over balancing the budget. It's DESTROYING America! Racial equality is a bedrock principle of budget control Http://

Betty McCollum on the Defensive on ObamaCare

ISSUE #3 We Can Still Save the Twin Cities from Central Corridor disaster

Sen. Sandy Pappas admits "errors were made" and Steve Carlson points out a detailed remedy

Minnesota Independence and Tea Parties - Taking Our Country Back!

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