A frank response to Al Franken's defense of ObamaCare

I watched this interview. A good interview, although I thought the label of ObamaCare as "visionary" might have been a little subjective. Apart from a brief reference to the "North Side Achievement Zone", which I'm interested in learning more about, certainly we want achievement, Franken had little of substance to say except for a mischaracterization of the so-called "comprehensive" nature of ObamaCare.

In this interview, http://bit.ly/d7zvpw Franken claims that the lynchpin is the deal to get pharmaceutical and insurance to "kick in" more money in return for getting to cover 31 million additional uninsured. Even assuming this figure is correct, the ones who are kicking in the extra money are those 31 million uninsured. It is their money that will allow more money to be spent, plus the $500 billion Franken would take from American seniors through Medicare.

A little honesty from Al Franken would be refreshing. Perhaps Franken will be good enough to correct some of his figures. Let me add, also, that Franken dissed the Tea Party. I would like to see him debate Twyla Tharp on health care. I would like him to look at the comments of the Mayo Clinic posted on my website http://bit.ly/buD1bL

To be perfectly honest, Franken, why don't you admit that what is stopping real reform is Obama's signals that he will veto any attempt to repeal his disaster and exchange it for REAL health care reform? Don't try all this smoke and mirrors of the "comprehensive" package. This is not "rancor". Just get real. And again, thanks for the interview and discussion. 2012 gets here soon and what Obama does now will determine a lot. You say "go for it" Obama? Okay, I'm going for it, and so are most Americans. How about a little more respect for the country that has been so good to you? And get away from the abortionists, too, it's disturbing.